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Phoenix Arizona window tinting - residential, commercial, automotive

SunDanser Tinting has been serving Phoenix valley contractors, architects, interior designers, businesses & homeowners valleywide Since 1986. Keeping your home, business or car cool when you live in the desert is no easy task. Rest assured, we provide a refreshing alternative to the unavoidable summer melt down.

We have been an authorized dealer of 3M™ Scotchtint™ Sun Control and Security Window Tint Films in Arizona since 1993. We are window tinting experts and will advise you on the products you need to reduce your energy costs and keep you from being scorched by the desert sun. We also have tint products designed to minimize the risk of injury and bringing an added dimension of security and safety if a window is broken.

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We carry both Suntek and 3M automotive window film.

We offer a wide variety of Auto films that will help to reduce heat, cut down the amount of light and reduce 99.9% of UV rays. We can help you make the best decision depending on what your budget and needs are.

Commercial Window Tinting

Sun Control film can provide up to 84% heat rejection & 99.9% UV protection, up to 94% glare reduction and privacy while increasing energy savings. Window films can help to improve tenant comfort, reduce fatigue and minimize hot spots.

Residential Window Tinting

Residential tinting can reduce heat and glare without sacrificing the natural look of windows. We carry some of the best films available for reducing hot spots, glare, fading from UV’s while yielding energy year round savings.

Safety & Security

Increase your protection against smash and grab thieves. Available in clear and tinted sun control options. TSafety and Security films will also help protect employees, tenants and homeowners from weather related threats, man mad threats and injury caused by flying glass.


Save time and money by replacing only the window film that was vandalized instead of the expensive glass.


You can turn any flat glass surface into a work of art. There are many stylish and textured films that can give privacy without sacrificing natural light and at a fraction of the cost of etched or specialty glass.

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UPDATE January 2019: We're almost there!

Our new premises is almost readyand we're lookign forward to welcoming you all in March 2019. But don't worry, we're still available for all your tinting needs.


Just give us a call on 602 375-2500 and we'll schedule your appointment.


Our new location from this fall will be the SE corner of 51st Ave & Bell Road (next to Harbor Freight). Stay tuned for developments and photos!