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Residential Window Tinting

SunDanser offers residential window tinting in Phoenix Arizona. You’ve made a big investment in the purchase of your home. Protect your investment with Sun Control window films.  SunDanser applied window films will:

  • REDUCE the sun’s heat from entering through glass windows and doors making your home more comfortable and lowering your electric bill.
  • ELIMINATE the fabric damaging ultraviolet rays from destroying your carpet, draperies and interior furnishings.
  • CONTROL annoying and troublesome glare from 50% to 94%.
  • INSULATE your windows during the colder months and prevent your heat from escaping.
  • MAKE GLASS STRONGER and safer from flying glass and debris during high winds.
  • Offer complete DAYTIME PRIVACY where necessary.
  • MAINTAINS VIEW both day and night with 3M Night Vision Window films

Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty on all residential window tinting.

nightvisionSunDanser window tinting provides free consults and estimates in Phoenix metro area

Energy conservation is important now more than ever with the rising costs of gas, utilities, food and all of our day to day necessities.

Ask About Tax Rebates For Applied Sun Control Film.

Window film is ideal for homeowners who want to:

  1. Save money on cooling and heating costs
  2. Enjoy clear views, day and night
  3. Protect skin and furnishings from damaging UV rays
  4. Reduce heat and glare
  5.  Preserve a room’s warmth and natural beauty
  6. Avoid heavy window coverings

The sun can damage your furniture, flooring, artwork and fabrics in no time. Fading from UV rays occur with natural light, not just direct sunlight. By allowing SunDanser to provide a free consultation and help find the best window film solution that fits your needs you can save thousands of dollars not having to replace flooring and furniture alone. Of course the immediate benefit is the difference you feel in the room but also the benefits of reducing energy costs.


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4925 W Bell Road, Ste C6
Glendale, AZ 85308